What is INFO-PASS?

INFO-PASS is a resource sharing program of the St. Louis Regional Library Network that began in 1979 with 35 libraries. It is open to any member who wishes to participate and currently has about 75 members. An INFO-PASS is a printable form that, when signed by a librarian at the home library, allows a patron of a member library to have access to materials from another participating library in the program by either using materials in the library or checking the materials out where permissible.

INFO-PASS forms will be issued to patrons by the library to which they belong (the home library) to be used at a designated library (the lending library) within the network on a one-time basis per INFO-PASS. For any additional use or renewal, another INFO-PASS is required.

An INFO-PASS will only be issued to patrons in good standing who have a special need for materials which the parent library cannot provide. If a patron loses the borrowed materials, the home library must pay for these materials. Therefore, the home library should be notified when materials are overdue.

Each library that participates in the INFO-PASS program will designate a person(s) within its library who will determine whether or not a patron needs an INFO-PASS. This person(s) will also decide at which library the INFO-PASS will be used.

Please see the St. Louis Regional Library Network Membership List to find participating libraries. To see up to date contact information for participating libraries, please check the Directory of St. Louis Regional Library Network Members. You will need to be logged into your active SLRLN membership account in order to use the directory. 

For assistance gaining access to the directory, please contact

Eligibility of INFO-PASS User

The eligibility of an INFO-PASS user must be determined by the home library. While each home library may establish its own criteria for issuing this form, the following criteria will be used to determine a patron’s eligibility:

  • The patron has searched her/his library for the desired material and has exhausted resources available to him or her.
  • An interview with the patron has established that the patron has a need for the specific resources.
  • The patron has no outstanding fines or overdue materials.
  • The patron can use the materials on her/his own.

Procedures for using INFO-PASS

Home Library

  • Screen patron for eligibility.
  • Determine most appropriate lending library. Avoid overuse of same lending library.
  • Explain to users the conditions of the INFO-PASS, such as time restrictions, presentation of proper identification at the lending library, and the need to follow the rules and regulations of the lending library as specified by its policy.
  • Print and fill out INFO-PASS.
  • After filling out INFO-PASS, make a copy to keep for the library’s records and give the original form to the student and/or patron to bring to the lending library.
  • Agree to assume responsibility for any charges incurred by users who fail to meet the obligations of the lending library.

Lending Library

  • Prepare a statement of policy to include any restrictions or limitations that would apply to this program. This policy will be printed and distributed to all participating libraries.
  • Honor INFO-PASS forms issued by authorized individuals from member libraries and collect INFO-PASS forms when they are used.
  • Keep the INFO-PASS a patron or student uses for the library’s records.
  • Address any abuses through the appropriate grievance channel.
  • Notify home library immediately when books become overdue.


In the case of abuse or non-compliance with rules as they are set forth, an initial phone call should be made by the concerned library in an effort to solve the problem. Repeated problems with the same library should be brought to the attention of Network Council. Council will review the situation, work with the libraries, and attempt to rectify the problem. If there are continuous problems with a library, that library may be dropped from the INFO-PASS program upon review by the Network Council.

Types of Abuse

  • Overuse of same lending library, e.g. sending all patrons to same university library.
  • Poor screening of a patron need for specific resources.
  • Disregard of requirements of lending library.
  • Refusal of the lending library to provide adequate service to INFO-PASS user, as stated in lending library policy.
  • Refusal of home library to accept responsibility for the return of overdue materials or to reimburse the lending library for lost materials.


Questions about the INFO-PASS program should be directed to:

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